miska truskawek na niebieskich drzwiach i biały bez
miska truskawek na niebieskich drzwiach i biały bez
wzór desek jako tło do fotografii kulinarnej i produktowej

Querido Photo Background (Outlet)


OUTLET: Background used, has signs of use.

Photo background for culinary and product photography depicting an old blue door. We admit that we have a weakness for such patterns (zara after tiles!) and we know that we are not the only ones!

  • How to use this photo background?
    – The backdrop, the rustic vibe, the retro items – it all makes sense!
    – Flowers – imagine hydrangeas or sunflowers on it!
    – Combine them with shades of blue, white, orange, yellow or red.

The background is 3 mm thick, rigid, lightweight, matte, does not transmit light, does not have the smell of plastic.
We use high-quality UV printing to print the photo backgrounds in this collection.
The photo backgrounds in this collection are sold in size:

  • 90×60 cm
Who are our backgrounds for?
  • professional culinary and product photographers.
  • food bloggers.
  • Hobbyists who love photography.
  • businesses that sell their own products.
What else should you know?
  • The background color may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.
  • Darker backgrounds reflect small amounts of light, but this does not affect the quality of photography.
  • 3 backgrounds can fit in one package.

Lead time: 6 working days – the product is printed to order.

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Any photographic background requires care. How to take care of a photographic background?

  • Do not put hot dishes on the background.
  • Don’t hang the background too long on the clips.
  • Don’t rub the background hard with a cloth – when it gets dirty, gently wash it with a sponge cloth.


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